Frequently asked questions

What is Univ's Giving Day in the 775th Anniversary Year?

A single 36-hour digital giving initiative in which we ask the entire Univ global community to come together to support our students in areas where they need it most, and celebrate and reflect on their time at College.

With thousands of pounds to unlock in matched and challenge funding, it’s a day like no other and your gift will go even further than usual.

It will be a transformational day of giving and it’s all about what we can achieve together.

This year’s Giving Day will take place on 30 April - 1 May 2024. We’re excited for you to join us!

Wherever you choose to give, it’s your participation that matters most.

What difference will my donation make?

Whatever fund you choose to donate to will have a tangible impact on students here at Univ. We are seeking donations for the Music Department and the creation of a new student music practice room, the Boat Club, the Student Support Fund, or our Area of Greatest Need Fund, where the college will prioritise where the funds are needed most. More details on these projects can be found using the buttons at the bottom of this page.

With thousands to unlock in matched and challenge funds, gifts go even further than usual. All gifts, of whatever size, add up and make a significant difference.

Having a large number of donors encourages others to support us too, so we would love as many members of our community to participate in Univ’s Giving Day as possible.

How can I give my gift?

We’d love you to join in on 30 April - 1 May 2024, but we understand that your schedule might not allow you to participate during the Giving Day itself.

There are several ways to make your gift, whether you’d like to give on the day or before it:

  • During the Giving Day (30 April - 1 May)

  • Online: through our Univ Giving Day platform (the site you’re currently on)

  • By post: Cheques made out to ‘University College’ can be sent to The Development Office, University College, High Street, Oxford, OX1 4BH.

  • Before the day: If you would like to make an early gift to Univ Giving Day, the best way to do this is through the ‘Donor Wall’ option on the platform. If you cannot give online, you can still give early by post.

Is my payment secure?

Yes. All payments through the Univ College Giving Day website will be securely processed by a secure, off-site payment processor called Stripe and Stripe US

Why is my payment not going through?

We’re sorry that you’re having difficulty making your gift. Common errors include:

  • Incorrect card details

  • Postcode/zipcode is incorrect or doesn’t match the address linked to your card

Please double-check the above before you contact us.

If you continue to have problems making your gift please email us at You can also call us during office hours on +44(0)18865 276674.

If the issue cannot be resolved, you can donate online through the College website. Please let us know if you have donated this way so we can count it towards the Univ Giving Day total.

Is there a minimum donation?

The minimum online gift donation is £5.

Can I see my gift on this website?

Yes. If you’ve chosen not to make your gift anonymous, you can take a look at the 'Donor Wall' to see your name.

Can I claim Gift Aid on this donation?

Yes. If you are a UK taxpayer and have paid as much Income Tax and/or Capital Gains tax as the amount of Gift Aid claimed on all of your donations in that tax year, Univ can reclaim the basic tax rate (25%) on your gift, with no extra cost to you. So, for example, your donation of £100 will be worth £125.

Can I donate tax-efficiently?

Gifts from the USA: Tax-deductible contributions can be made via Americans for Oxford which is a 501c(3) tax-exempt organisation. If you make your gift via the Univ Giving Day platform and select ‘Donate in USD’ you will be directed to our US donation form.

Gifts from Canadian taxpayers: The University of Oxford is recognised by the Canadian Revenue Agency as a prescribed institution under Section 3503 of the Canadian Income Tax Regulations. Please email if you would like to request a receipt for Canadian tax purposes.

Please visit
for more information on tax-effective giving from abroad.

Is there another way to donate to you other than online?

Yes, you can contact us at or call +44 (0)1865 276674 and we’ll be delighted to help you make your gift.

I set up a recurring payment, what will show in the totaliser?

The total of your direct debit payments for the duration of time selected will show up in the total raised on the website.

How will you use my information?

We want to stay in touch with you and will keep your personal data in accordance with your wishes. We will update your contact details, and we may use new information to communicate with you for marketing and fundraising purposes. A detailed statement on how your data is held and used is set out in our privacy notice, which you can read here. If you no longer wish to receive this type of communication from us or would like to change your preferences about the information we send you, have any questions about your personal data, or would like a paper copy of our privacy notice, please contact or telephone +44 (0)1865 276674.]

I still have questions. How can I get in touch?

Please email us at or call +44 (0)1865 276674.