Univ Boat Club

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Univ Boat Club

Were you a rower or a cox, part of the support team, or simply an avid sidelines supporter?

Loved by all who have been a part of it, our boat club is the oldest sports club in the College and has been going since 1827.

We know how valued this activity is at Univ, how much it is needed, not only as a break from study, but also, as a competitive challenge to our young sports men and women.

Right now, the Boat Club needs your support to help with:

  • The purchase of new eights for our top male and female first crews - the current ones are now almost 20yrs old!
  • New sculling blades to allow more athletes to train simultaneously in small boats
  • Funds towards hiring two coaches for lower-level training to support & train aspiring rowers

If the Boat Club was important to you when you were at Univ, please consider supporting the club today, and be one of the many people who support Univ's continued success in rowing. We want to win back Headships!

Everyone is welcome to get involved, please join us on 30 April and 1 May. Any gift, no matter the size, will make a difference to Univ's community. Through this Giving Day we continue Univ's enduring history of collaboration, being open, friendly, and supportive and together we can continue to meet our aims for academic excellence.

Thank you.

About Univ's Giving Day in the 775th Anniversary Year

Univ's first digital Giving Day is an opportunity for everyone in our global community to take part and help support our next generation of students. Over the next 36 hours we'll share updates about life at Univ and how you can help us support four important funds: Area of Greatest Need, Music at Univ, Univ Boat Club and Student Support.

Please join our Giving Day, get involved, make a gift (if you can) and take part in our donor challenges. Every gift will make a positive impact.

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