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Student Support

If you understand, or have had experience of what impact a little support can make early on in life, then please consider donating to our Student Support Fund.

This fund is for Student Support (SSF). We have several students currently benefitting from the SSF, and since its inception many students have received much needed support. Our community is robust, close, and supportive. Individuals may not know what is coming just around the corner, but they are held safe in the knowledge that should they need it, we have a fund to help support them.

Supporting our student community is a priority for us at Univ. Our Chaplain and Head Tutor oversee much of our pastoral care, and we encourage all students to discuss anything they might be concerned about. However, sometimes money really does make all the difference. That is where this important fund for student support really comes into its own. A student might be struggling with their rent, unable to buy a much needed text book, need some help with an urgent and unexpected trip home, or need just a little extra to tide them over. 

Your gift could enhance hardship grants, emergency funds, support for meals, and make a real difference to a student in need. 

Our students' time at Univ is often one of discovery, not just in their chosen subject of study, but also in their developing lives. Often this is a students' first experience of living away from home and with this comes huge responsibilities. We know that making this fund available when it is most needed has a very beneficial impact on recipients.

Everyone can get involved in Univ's Giving Day in this, our 775th Anniversary Year. Please join us on 30 April and 1 May, any gift, no matter the size, will make a difference to Univ's community. Through this Giving Day we continue Univ's enduring history of collaboration, being open, friendly, and supportive. Together we will continue to meet our aims for academic excellence.

Thank you!

About Univ's Giving Day in the 775th Anniversary Year

Univ's first digital Giving Day is an opportunity for everyone in our global community to take part and help support our next generation of students. Over the next 36 hours we'll share updates about life at Univ and how you can help us support four important funds, Area of Greatest Need, Music at Univ, Univ Boat Club, Student Support.

Please join us, get involved, make a gift (if you can) and take part in our donor challenges. Every gift will make a positive impact.

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