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Area of Greatest Need

This fund is for Univ's Area of Greatest Need. Although this fund could be for a whole range of things, it is mainly used to improve the lives of our students while they are at Univ. A Univ education and experience stays with you for life, as you and many of our other alumni know. However, tuition fees and investment income do not cover the full costs of an Oxford education.

What our students achieve in the short time they spend with us is nothing short of incredible. Academic excellence, participation in a host of extracurricular activities, experience in teaching, mentoring, teamwork, sports, music, history, and the arts. We want to ensure our future Univ generations have the same wonderful opportunities that you had and perhaps a few more!

If you’d like to donate, but you are not sure in what area, please consider this open fund, where we’ll put your money towards what is of greatest need. This could include areas that are vital to the life of the College and improve the student's university experience, but don't fall within statutory funding. Importantly, it could support us to provide resourcing to meet the demand for special educational and welfare needs amongst students, which have increased in recent years. In addition, this could be for refurbishment or renovation of common spaces for students.

Everyone can get involved in Univ's Giving Day in this, our 775th Anniversary Year. Please join us on 30 April and 1 May, any gift, no matter the size, will make a difference to Univ's community. Through this Giving Day we continue Univ's enduring history of collaboration, being open, friendly, and supportive. Together we will continue to meet our aims for academic excellence.

Thank you!

About Univ's Giving Day in the 775th Anniversary Year

Univ's first digital Giving Day is an opportunity for everyone in our global community to take part and help support our next generation of students. Over the next 36 hours we'll share updates about life at Univ and how you can help us support four important funds: Area of Greatest Need, Music at Univ, Univ Boat Club and Student Support.

Please join us, get involved, make a gift (if you can) and take part in our donor challenges. Every gift will make a positive impact.

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